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End of March Update

2013 Goal Update

How my current goal page looks:


I’m slowly starting to fall behind. If I’m to reach my goals by the end of the year I would have to average 6.4miles a day on the bike and 5.1miles a day running.

Distance covered in March:
Swim: 0.56 Miles
Bike: 97.06 Miles
Run: 22.81 Miles

Bideford Half Marathon

At the beginning of the month I ran in the Bideford Half Marathon, I had a goal of coming in at under 2 hours which I thought would be a good challenge with my previous times in practise coming in at 2 hour 16 minutes. My final time in the end was 1 hour 56 minutes and I was incredibly chuffed, the atmosphere was brilliant and everyone around you was very happy and very motivating. I had to slow to a walking pace a couple of times but each time I did there was a group of people pulling me along and motivating me to keep going.

End of February Update

2013 Goal Update

So to make the run more achievable this year I’ve lowered it by rather a lot. Instead of trying to run 2013 miles It’s now set to 1500 miles with the bike and swim remaining the same. Here’s how my Garmin goal page now looks:


Distance covered in February:

Swim: 2.61 Miles
Bike: 72.27 Miles
Run: 39.04

Rather low but my excuse is up next.

Plantar Fasciitis

Over the past 2-3 weeks while at work I’ve been getting a horrible pain in the bottom of my foot. The shoes I’m provided with as part of the PPE I’m required to wear are to put it bluntly shit the soles in them are very flat and wear out rather quick as does the back of the shoe and the sides and the laces and basically every part of this “protective equipment”.  This is my third or fourth pair since I got my forklift truck license nearly 2 years ago. Anyway normally I ignore the pain and hope it will go away however this time it progressed to the point I felt I couldn’t walk, I found myself wrapping paper around my foot for arch support and to stop the ball of my foot rubbing. After seeing the doctor last week he told me I had inflamed my plantar fascia and my arch had dropped.

He suggested no cycling or running for at least 2 weeks, a variety of stretching exercises, plenty of ice and ibuprofen. So that’s all I’ve been doing for the past week or so stretching my foot then icing my foot and walking around with as much support as I can possibly cram into a shoe.

Half Marathon this Weekend

With the above in mind my towns half marathon is this coming weekend and I really want to do it bad foot or not. My concern is if I end up doing permanent damage but hopefully I’ve had enough rest and with a well supporting trainer on I’ll still be able to run it.

Not sure how close I’ll get to my 2 hour target though



Sweat £££

8 months ago I found a post on Reddit about a guy who converts his miles done on the bike into a currency based on the MPG his car could do and the current fuel price for his area. I loved this idea so much I copied it and made my own spreadsheet to track the same thing. The idea is that every time you spend some money on a bike or bike related product you have to burn off the value of it through cycling.

Here’s a quick look at mine:


1 Mile is worth about 0.16p and that’s based on my car doing roughly 38 MPG and the current fuel prices being around £1.35. As you can see it is rather difficult if your anything like me and don’t always put in huge miles on the bike (600 miles a year is very slack)

But I find keeping a track of things this way is a nice way of motivating myself and a good way of keeping track of when you bought things.

2013 Goals

So this year we had the idea of setting a goal of 2013 miles. Now this could be done by cycling running or swimming.

But I thought this was a bit to easy with everything I’ve got planned for the year so January 1st I decided to up it a little. The following screenshot is from my Garmin page which I use to track my progress with each goal


As you can see my goals are set at

Bike 2013 miles total
Run 2013 miles total
Swim 52 miles

I should have set the swim a little higher thinking with everything else I would be doing a mile a week in the pool might be difficult to maintain. However so far I’m finding this very easy. The bike will be achievable with a little effort and the run I don’t think I’ll come anywhere near to but I’m willing to have a shot at it.



Red Bull is NOT going to kill you

So this is my very first post on my very new blog and the first thing I’d like to just talk about is something that I’ve had shared over my Facebook wall 5 or 6 times now over the last few days and something I even remember being emailed many years ago.

A copy of the message:

France & Denmark have banned this from their country…

RED BULL – slow death …

Do NOT drink this drink anymore!

Pay attention…read everything…

As a public health safety, please pass on this email to all the contacts in your address book especially those with teenage children.

This drink is SOLD in all the supermarkets IN OUR country and our children ARE CONSUMING IT ON A TRIAL BASIS. IT can be FATAL.

RED BULL was created to stimulate the brains in people who are subjected to great physical force and in stress coma and never to be consumed like an innocent drink or soda pop.

RED BULL IS the energizer DRINK that is commercialized world-wide with its slogan: “It increases endurance, awakens the concentration capacity and the speed of reaction, offers more energy and improves the mood. All this can be found in a can of RED BULL, the power drink of the millennium.”

RED BULL has managed to arrive in almost 100 countries worldwide. The RED BULL logo is targeted at young people and sportsmen, two attractive segments that have been captivated by the stimulus that the drink provides.

It was created by Dietrich Mateschitz, an industrialist of Austrian origin who discovered the drink by chance. It happened during a business trip to Hong Kong , when he was working at a factory that manufactured toothbrushes.

The liquid, based on a formula that contained caffeine and taurine, caused a rage in that country. Imagine the grand success of this drink in Europe where the product still did not exist, besides it was a superb opportunity to become an entrepreneur.


FRANCE and DENMARK have just prohibited it as a cocktail of death, due to its vitamin components mixed with GLUCURONOLACTONE ‘ – a highly-dangerous chemical, which was developed by the United States Department of Defense during the sixties to stimulate the moral of the troops based in VIETNAM, which acted like a hallucinogenic drug that calmed the stress of the war.

But their effects in the organism were so devastating, that it was discontinued, because of the high index of cases of migraines, cerebral tumors and diseases of the liver that was evident in the soldiers who consumed it.

And in spite of it, in the can of RED BULL you can still find as one of its components: GLUCURONOLACTONE, categorized medically as a stimulant. But what it does not say on the can of RED BULL are the consequences of its consumption, and that has forced a series of WARNINGS…

1. It is dangerous to take it if you do not engage in physical exercise afterwards, since its energizing function accelerates the heart rate and can cause a sudden attack.

2. You run the risk of undergoing a cerebral hemorrhage, because RED BULL contains components that dilute the blood so that the heart utilizes less energy to pump the blood, and thus be able to deliver physical force with less effort being exerted.

3. It is prohibited to mix RED BULL with alcohol, because the mixture turns the drink into a ” Deadly Bomb ” that attacks the liver directly, causing the affected area never to regenerate anymore.

4. One of the main components of RED BULL is the B12 vitamin, used in medicine to recover patients who are in a coma ; from here the hypertension and the state of excitement which is experienced after taking it, as if you were in a drunken state.

5. The regular consumption of RED BULL triggers off symptoms in the form of a series of irreversible nervous and neuronal diseases.

CONCLUSION: It is a drink that should be prohibited in the entire world as when it is mixed with alcohol it creates a TIME BOMB for the human body, mainly between innocent adolescents and adults with little experience. Forward this mail to Everyone and Let them know about this..


Now there are just a few bits I want to quickly pick from this and make a point on for those who take what they read on Facebook as cold hard facts. The first is that Red Bull was banned in France and Denmark, now this is partly true. Back in 2008 I believe it was the drink was banned for its high caffeine content. Not because it started killing off part of the population. The next part about it being consumed on a trial basis is left over from when this email originally spread around in the years 2000-2001 and has been selling for many years now with no cold hard evidence to suggest it’s killed someone since (Maybe one case where it was believed to have killed someone mixing it with vodka but this was never proved).

Glucuronolactone from a quick Google search shows this is something produced naturally in the body already in small amounts and it was never invented or used by the US goverment. More information can be found on Wikipedia here:

As for the time bomb part, vodka and Redbull has been my drink of choice since I turned 18 and I’m not dead yet.





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